Sometimes you’ve just gotta ride the pendulum

It’s been an interesting week so far.The type of week that reminds me that raising kids is simply not for the weak of heart. It hasn’t been easy, and it could get even harder. But the only thing I know for sure is I should pause before making decisions, and just hang on for the rest of the ride.

Danny first, for a change. Monday Danny had a tummy ache, but he went to school anyway. Then Jimmy stayed home because of a sore throat. Then yesterday Danny was still complaining about his tummy, and seemed to have a little bit of a fever (Jimmy had one too.) So I decided to keep him home. He was okay for the day, and after the Dr. gave them both a pretty much clean bill of health (probably just some virus or cold) he was feeling good. When I had him sit down and work on his home work he did so without much complaining. And overall had a real good day. And today he is back in school, none the worse for wear. In retrospect I should have just let him stay home Monday, because his illness was pretty clearly a case of needing some downtime from the very active and social weekend. In the future I will try to think about the bigger picture when this happens with him.

Jimmy stayed home Monday, or rather came home, with a sore throat. Which also meant no wrestling practice. When he was still suffering yesterday I decided to have him stay home as well. And took him to the Dr. too, where he got the same clean bill of health. And I made the call that he should maybe skip this weekends tournament. Well he then went to practice for team pictures. And while he was there, and I was home making dinner after an exhausting home work session with Danny, I started getting texts about changing the plan, and wrestling this weekend after all. I was not pleased, here I was trying to make dinner, deal with the younger two, and then getting messages about changing a plan that everyone had agreed on. I had my first outward expression of anger in a while.

But I calmed down, and reminded myself that kids are the pendulum, that things can change and swing back and forth very rapidly. And that they can be influenced to make a change very quickly. It’s not that big of a deal really.

And of course this was all overcome by events this morning as Jimmy slipped on some spilled water in the kitchen, resulting in a severe sprain that will have him out of wrestling for at least 10 days (and at least this weeks tournament.) The lessons in this being: kids change (minds, bodies), and the smart parents accepts that and realizes that putting their foot down on anything can very easily result in lost balance when the ground beneath the feet shifts.


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