An active (and social) weekend left us all worn out

Another weekend, another wrestling tournament. Kids sleepovers. Nice weather for a change. You name it, it contributed to a house full of tired, worn out kids this morning. They all had a good time, but maybe a little too much fun. I was able to find ways to get time to myself so I am just fine, even with the early morning run today.

Jimmy had another tournament this weekend. Another winless tournament. But a couple of times he was oh so close to finally breaking through and getting that elusive win. It is tough right now, he is in the gray area of probably being able to dominate the C division, but the A & B kids are just above him. But he endeavors to persevere, and he says he is having fun with it regardless, which is the one question I make sure to ask after every tournament (and if he reaches the point of hesitating before saying yes than I know a change is in order.)

Danny had a buddy over the entire weekend. His mom needed to travel and did not have anyone to watch him so we took him in. It went just fine, the boys are so much alike, and are very low key and enjoy the same things. So it was no real pressure on us, and Danny really enjoyed having someone to hang out with. But it was clear this morning with the clutching of the tummy and the general clinginess that it wore him out to have someone around the entire weekend.

And Jimmy basically spent the entire time after the tournament with his buddies, either at their house, or at our house, or out riding bikes, enjoying the nice weather. And even as much of an extrovert as he is, he was wiped this morning, ending up staying home with a sore throat.

In the midst of all this rush of extra kids and tournaments, and going up to Denver for a game I managed to get some time to myself. Reading for an hour Sunday morning before the drive, then the drive up there and back. And managed to catch a movie at home Saturday night while the kids all played their various games. As a result I managed things just fine, and was only a little tired today because I ended up staying up a little late last night.

It really is all about learning to manage life. Both for myself, making sure I get that time alone. And teaching the kids through trial and error about themselves as well.


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