Riding the storm with ease, not panic

Today was a happy morning. I wrestled with the kids, got everything done that I wanted to, got to work a little early. Why? It’s Friday, the end of a crazy, off kilter week. And I was able to handle a pretty big event with ease, no panic and no major blow ups. Plus this weekend I get to get out of the house for my own event, so I’ve got that going for me (which is nice.)

A week or 2 ago Kim was baking up some cookies, and on the last batch the oven just went haywire, burning the batch with no warning. We wrote it off as a one time event, and had no problems with it, until yesterday. Kim had put in some chicken legs for dinner when it did the same thing, just started overcooking. She tried turning it off, and then putting it back in. And ran a kid home, and when she got back the oven was on fire. She was able to put it out, and the oven just refused to turn off. She was eventually able to get it unplugged. When I got home we tried plugging it back in, and the upper element just came right back on, even though the oven was not turned on. So, at minimum we have a repair bill coming, or a new oven. And no use of the oven or stove until that is done. And dinner was ruined.

A year ago if this happened I would have panicked, spent the whole evening worrying about it, sweating what we were going to do. But I am in a much better head space now. I was able to just ride out the storm, acknowledge that we will have to figure something out, but it is not the end of the world. And we have a path to move on.I am very pleased with that.

And this was the topper of an off kilter week. Monday the kids were off for the holiday. Jimmy was sick on Tuesday. Wednesday was snowy and evening activities were cancelled. And Thursday was a 2 hour snow delay for the kids. But I stuck to my life, ran on my running days, ate the meals I brought in, didn’t succumb to all the craziness around me. I would consider all this a good sign that I am living a better mental life now.

I do have something to look forward to this weekend, I am going up to Denver for a game at my friends house. I elaborated in depth elsewhere on this, but I am excited and looking forward to playing. And it will be a chance to get out of the house on my own.


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