Exhausted, but happy with the reasons

That was an exhausting weekend, Saturday especially. The day started with wrestling, and ended with hockey. Sunday I achieved my plan and dream to pay zero attention to football, by focusing on my game. It was a social weekend, but I survived, and was happy with the results.

Saturday was an early day, with a drive to Pueblo for a wrestling tournament. Jimmy had an alternately good and frustrating day. He had probably his best overall match this year in a losing match against a top wrestler. And in the end he lost all 5 matches. But, with the exception of the last match, he really threw himself into it. And all of his coaches and other observers say that if he can just keep up during this tough time when he is learning that he should be a force to be reckoned with in future years. That is small consolation right now, but he is smart enough to take that for what it is.

Saturday night we attended a college hockey game for Scout night. Which was tough because the younger kids don’t really care all that much for any sport, much less hockey (which is not a big sport in our family.) And the Tigers ended up losing after a good first period. But it wasn’t a bad evening overall.

In the end, 2 big crowd events in the same day was really exhausting. I definitely crashed when we got home. Again, it wasn’t terrible, I found ways to have fun, and managed to carve out a little alone time at each event. But it was still draining to cope with all of that in the same day. And I made it tougher on myself by scheduling a game the next day.

I realized that we would have all the boys there for D&D anyway as Jimmy had a sleepover Saturday night. So I went ahead and set up a game for Sunday afternoon. The game went well, and the kids had a great time. But I was definitely out of gas when it was over. It was good to be able to come to work and have some time in ‘solitary’ to recover.

I skipped my Friday run as I woke up out of sorts and then ended up staying home with Danny. And almost skipped Sunday, but after getting up, making breakfast for everyone and taking care of a few things I was able to force myself out of the house. Which felt good, to get that time in.

Overall, I am doing a better job with self care these days. The running habit is slowly coming back. And while my dietary habits are not great they aren’t horrid. And I am definitely feeling much better about how I am handling all of the extra events and life in general.


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