Accepting what I kind of saw coming, and moving on

I cannot honestly say I was totally surprised by the results of yesterday’s game. But makes the transition to life without football much easier. It was a busy weekend, but I was able to make the most of it. And then got out in some crazy weather to keep momentum going.

Well I am a little sad that the Broncos season ended the way it did. But I was ready for it, and even expected what eventually happened. There are some big issues that you could really see. The offensive line has become average to bad at pass blocking. Manning has definitely appeared to lose a couple of miles off his fastball, he just doesn’t seem able to make the NFL passes that he needs anymore. And the defensive coaching is a terrible muddle, cannot decide if it wants to be blitz happy or play back, and as a result just doesn’t play well together. Could all this be solved simply? Maybe, Manning retires, Del Rio goes, and maybe the rest of the talent puts it together.

Either way though, it simplifies my life now. No more focusing my weekends around the Broncos schedule. If there is something else I want to do I can. I can manage my time differently. And it is a mental and emotional load that is gone.

It was busy this weekend, Jimmy had his customary tournament, there was a family party, and just the normal weekend things. Jimmy did better at this tournament, he moved up a weight class and he still has a lot to learn. He didn’t win (although he only lost his first match by 1 point, 13-12.) The thing about wrestling is that it really is about experience, making things reflex instead of thinking them through. I decided to start collecting some of his pictures in a dedicated Flickr album, partially because it really is a different world.

We got a hand me down computer, my mothers old Mac. And I spent quite a bit of time working on that. Setting all the preferences to me. Installing the new operating system. Getting some other software installed. I am very happy with it, it serves all of my needs. And it gives another tool for the kids to play on and do homework (when those times arise.)

Last, I was able to keep up the momentum on my initial starts of running again. Which included running this morning in 3-4 inches of snow. But I needed to get out today, too early in returning to the habit to let a day slide. But it is started, and I really feel much better getting out there every other day, it is helping my mental outlook to be doing something again.

In all it was a good weekend, despite some disappointments. And it portends well for the future, as weekends change.


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