A return to ‘normalcy’

The holidays are over (finally.) My 2 long weekends are done. And the kids return to school Wednesday. Of course my apologies to those whose jobs did not take a break during this time (Kim especially.) But for me, and all of those who got time off for the holidays, this week marks a return to the regular rhythms and schedules.

This last break was quiet, we didn’t do much for New Years. The kids had some sleepovers, friends stayed over 2 nights, and Danny got a night and nearly a full day with a friend of his. But we didn’t host any family gatherings or party’s other than the boys D&D game.

We got in some cleaning and picking up, the tree is down and all XMas stuff packed away. Laundry is done (for now of course we could probably do a load every day.) And we are stocked with food for the couple of weeks for meals and lunches. The menu is started for the week.

Jimmy returned to wrestling with a couple of practices and a small tournament. He did better than last year, but it was clear that he still has more to learn and needs to return to regular exercise and sleep schedules. But it was fun overall, with some family friends there to watch and help him out.

I got my fill of football on New Years Day. And enjoyed the results more than the New Years Eve debacles (the state of Mississippi is still in mourning.) But I wisely cut myself off and put in a movie when things began to go downhill. As a result I really felt no urge to watch much NFL football over the weekend. The role playing bug has really helped with that, giving me something else to do while watching, and a distraction if I don’t want to watch the games.

In retrospect this was a very quiet set of holidays. Pretty much uneventful, which was good. I enjoyed a lot of my time, had some good times. And really only had 1 ‘down’ day where I just could not be bothered to do much. I did a good job of managing my time and mental health. The only real negative was I didn’t do nearly the level of exercise I was hoping for. But that is another battle, for another time.


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