Turns out I might be wrong, and a clarification

Overall that was a good weekend. I got to relax and catch my breath a little. The D&D was fun (but a little frustrating.) Feel real good about where we are at for Xmas. Feel like I need to clarify where I stand on the issue of football.

I did get some much needed relaxation time over the weekend, Saturday especially. I am grabbing whatever quiet time I can these days because I know the days of crowded houses and big gatherings are coming up far too fast. Yesterday I was commenting to Kim that I hope she doesn’t expect me to do anything constructive the day after Xmas, because we will have had Christmas Eve, then Christmas day brunch, followed by a gathering at Dad’s house. And I will be wiped out the day after that. So I am doing my part to get as much me time and quiet time before then.

The D&D game with the boys was fun overall, there was a lot of combat, good challenges for them all. Jimmy in particular really tried to get in the spirit of having fun with the game. and we had a late addition as another boy made a late appearance, which disrupted things a little. Resulting in some teenage ADD, with boys wandering off in the middle of combats. But we got through that, and it gives me a challenge to work a little harder on getting their attention.

Kim and I got out for some shopping yesterday, finished up the last little bits of Xmas shopping. And we picked up the tree and got it ready for decorating today. So the season is definitely feeling more upon us, but I am feeling better about where we are at, shouldn’t be much last minute scrambling to get things done.

I think I need to clarify my feelings on football a little. This happens most seasons. Bottom line is I do enjoy watching the sport, despite some of the qualms of conscience associated with that. But it is a mental drag, as the season comes to an end I am ready for something else to fill up my off time. If I sound frustrated, it is because by this time of year my mind needs a little something different.

Also, I did finally get myself out of the house for a walk/run Saturday. I think it is very possible that while I do want to make running fun, I still need to have a schedule. Set days when I force myself up and out of the house. Because without that it is harder to motivate myself out the door, especially in these cold, dark winter months.


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