Venturing out, trying new approaches

The best thing about diving back into Dungeons & Dragons is how it is getting me out of some patterns. Because what is most important for me these days is finding (or rediscovering) fun things to do. In order to retain my sanity I need that balance in my life, lot’s of things I can use as a diversion, in order to avoid falling into a rut of just doing the same stuff over and over. Earlier I was enjoying the photography, and I still do that, just a little harder with the cool weather. And the Blood Bowl league was fun for a while.

But the Dungeons and Dragons revival has really sparked for me. I even reached out to an old friend I had not seen in years, and will try his game out. I have a new thing to read about, new books to read, and new things to puzzle out. It has made a difference for me. I liken this change to a similar one I made in graduate school when I got myself free of the bars and found a role playing group.

Now if I can just figure out a way to get myself out of bed early enough to try this new approach with exercise. My plan is to get back to making exercise fun again. Find a way to make running a fun challenge rather than just an obligation. Last weekends time at the roller skating rink and swimming pool led me to think of ways to incorporate those into a more active life.

And if the kids see me out there, trying to skate, or as the weather improves riding a bike, they will hopefully join in. I will keep the running central, as I do hope to get back to running in more races next year. Which is another way to make running fun, rather than a slog, because I have that goal of getting ready for such and such race. But overall, I want to make exercise fun.

The goal is to fill up my life with fun. And ideally active fun, that requires participation, rather than passive entertainment. Passive entertainment is still good to some extent, during those dark days and nights when the weather is cold. But I would prefer active entertainment, that at minimum engages my brain, like D&D or photography editing. Because that engagement keeps me from slipping away into obsessive mental spirals, like why is my team not playing better, or why can’t people see politics the same as me?


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