Turning the corner, moving on

The last 2 weeks have not been easy. Illness, political turmoil, large social gatherings, all things which conspired to bring me down. I have not slept as much in a while as I did last week, just trying to deal with my illness and maintain energy for the social events. This week especially I got caught up in political events, letting them into my personal realm, and occupying my thoughts.

Yesterday I finally saw a doctor about the illness and got confirmation that it is not any kind of infection, that it is likely a combination of a virus that I need to ride out, coupled with a certain amount of dehydration, because it has been so dry here (and the sleeping pills do lead to some dry mouth.) With that concern lifted I decided that enough was enough, and turned away from the politics and back to writing about things that I want. I spent some time working on the Dungeons and Dragons game for the boys, and generally turned my focus in that direction. And that has helped.

Today I woke up refreshed, and feeling better, ready to tackle the day. I got the normal morning stuff taken care of and am excited that it is Friday. And more importantly I have mentally switched off the focus on politics and things that I have no control over again. It isn’t healthy to get consumed by those concerns and so it is time to leave them be.

Jimmy has his first club wrestling tournament this weekend for this season. A big one, and Kim is taking him while I take the little ones to the Cub Scout swimming party (which works out because I love to swim anyway.) Otherwise we will probably do some more work on the Xmas shopping and maybe on Jimmy’s room. The next couple of weeks are the lull before the next storm, and we have a number of things to get done.

And hopefully I can really begin my running again. I really miss it and it is time. Probably going to hold off on the YAYOG for a little while, let the running settle in. But I really need to get back into the running and there is no time like the present to get it going.


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