Proud of not taking the bait

Part of it is a maturation process, learning how best to interact with people on Facebook. Part of it is realizing that it is extremely unlikely that any online argument or set of links will change people minds. But most importantly it is a matter of my choosing not to take the bait and get sucked into the rabbit hole of pointless online arguments. Because all those arguments end up doing is causing me grief and stress, with no chance of feeling better about things.

I posted a picture on Facebook of members of my favorite NFL team taking a stand about actions in Ferguson. Along with some comments about how that team actually has a fine history of being socially progressive (at least as far as any NFL team is.) When one of my acquaintances made a dumb remark that in the past I would have instantly jumped on I stopped myself. I realized that he was just hoping for that type of reaction, and in reality it is just kind of sad. Sad how an intelligent persons response is so infected by the Fox News/Rush Limbaugh approach to the world that they make a dumb remark instead of trying to engage in a debate.

On other news, still fighting this bug, not really affecting much. Tried to set up a Dr. appt but the soonest I can get in is tomorrow afternoon, so it is looking like Urgent care for me tonight. Wouldn’t worry too much but this is starting to feel like it might be strep throat which needs antibiotics to go away.

Jimmy had his yearly checkup today. Everything was great, the doctor was really pleased with how he is doing and what shape he is in. Always good to get that validation that at least on that level we are succeeding as parents.


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