And I’m back

Back to work for me, back to school for the kids. Sort of back to health for me. And theoretically back to a regular blogging schedule. It was an uneventful week, for a holiday. Saw some signs of aging. And it was a good sort of end to the football season.

My week off was very restful, I spent most of the time at home, cleaning before Thanksgiving and then just trying to maintain afterwards. Unfortunately I was hit by some sort of bug that is still with me: somewhat sore throat, occasionally feverish, but mostly just real tired. So I slept a lot, and did my best to do very little physical activity beyond what was required of me. The kids cooperated with that for the most part, although a little better weather at the beginning of the week would have been nice to get them out of the house.

I was successful in getting what I wanted done, the house was good and clean and laundry caught up for the most part, so Kim could just come home and rest on my days off. Thanksgiving was nice, although I probably had my worst night of this bug that night so I wasn’t very good company. But it was a success as far as good food for everyone and for the most part everybody had a good day. I find it especially interesting how the teenagers interactions have changed over the recent year.

I did make time to get out and have a couple of meals with some good friends. Which was really good, great to catch up folks that I had not spent much time with in the recent year. One funny thing was how much of the conversation included discussions of health issues: listing all of the various ailments we had and how we are coping with them. I know that is a sign of aging, and bound to happen eventually but still funny to note it occurring.

While I have done a better job of not letting the vagaries of the football season influence my mood I am still somewhat buoyed by what happened over the past week. While my Buffs did blow a game (not a surprise) all of my other teams won. Some in utterly convincing fashion. And that cannot help but improve my mood.

Last, I did get in the first 2 sessions of what should be my regular D&D game with the boys in. Both nights went well. I think the boys are a little more interested and buying in since they are using characters they created. And I have a better idea what I want to do with them (hack & slash) now. It is fun, occasionally frustrating (the phrase herding cats comes to mind.) But I am very much enjoying the game play, even when they pull a twist of avoiding the small creatures meant to buff them up for the big creatures and instead leap straight to the big stuff.

In summary, it was a restful week, with some good events. And little to no major trauma to deal with. And now it is a scant 3 weeks until the kids go on Winter Break. The year does go fast at times.


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