Is doing something dumb a second time also insanity?

Last post before a week off from work, not sure how much posting will be done the next week. No guarantees, but I might get a few posts up for sanity sake.

If a vague definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, what is the definition of doing something twice? Last time I did the leg workout for YAYOG my legs were sore for a couple of days, setting me back. But I swore I was going to take it easy this time, and I thought I had. Turns out I was wrong, because my IT bands are super sore and tight. Hopefully today’s missed workout will be the only one, have to make sure I get out the roller and roll the bands tonight. And then be super careful on the next leg workout. It is just hard because squats are so easy.

I am pretty excited for this coming week. I don’t have much planned, a couple of D&D sessions, a couple meals with friends. And of course the obligatory family Thanksgiving celebrations. Otherwise I will focus on relaxing, getting the exercise groove going, and maybe some household projects. Really it is a chance for me to recover, decompress from work and get in some me time.

That is all for today, as I said, I will only be posting if something big happens or I need to log some time just to recover.


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