I guess I need to be careful what I wish for & other Friday musings.

Careful what you wish for you just might get it

Well I wanted to get back into role playing. And I will get my wish, but due to circumstances I will be stepping up to the plate as the Game Master (GM). I will readily admit that I am not the best GM in the world. I range wildly beyond paralyzing overpreparation and being woefully unprepared. But it is what it is, time to step it up.

At least I get to control what we are playing, and I have decided to keep it simple. We will be returning to Deadlands and even then I will try to limit the initial choices. And then keep the initial nights simple, one night adventures, with the idea of letting the players get used to the game and enjoy the idea of advancing their characters. As a result expect more than a few posts about Game mastering, Deadlands and Role playing in general.

I am coming around to the idea of ‘re-boots’

It’s kind of like cover songs. I don’t mind the idea of a musician or band covering a song, so long as they make it their own, don’t try to just mimic the original. Well, with all the hoopla over the Impending Star Wars films, and the idea that they will (theoretically) be directed by the same director that has restarted the Star Trek franchise I got to thinking. Would it really be all that bad if we saw a ‘re-boot’ of the Star Wars Universe? I am not saying we redo the original characters stories. But go back to the Universe with a fresh perspective. I think that this idea has some real merit.

I really liked the new Star Trek movie and am really excited to see the new one that comes out this summer. But, to be honest, I have no desire to re-watch any of the original series or Next Generation. And my kids have no patience for the tired old series either, they are almost punishingly boring by current standards. So why not revisit them? New blood as it were.

Of course one of the reasons I am coming around to this is a wish that someone out there would do such a re-boot of the Highlander TV series. This is one of my guilty pleasures that I have been watching lately and it is a fun series. But goodness, there is some terrible writing and acting mixed into it. The concept is so very cool, and in our current ‘golden age’ of TV someone could do some great work with it in my opinion.

Glad I am not a ‘tortured artist’, but happy to read their work

Lately I have been reading the Henry Rollins book A Preferred Blur. It is fascinating, and provides a different perspective on recent events. But gosh, it is hard to read the continued anguish of someone who is fighting Depression and various other problems. Of course one of my favorite bloggers is Jenny Lawson AKA ‘The Bloggess’, and her book is laugh out loud funny, but again there’s a lot of the same thing in there. Making great work out of or in spite of massive mental challenges.

And then this week I was able to read in as Wil Wheaton, another favorite, had to fight through the anguish and depression of rejection. It was a really tough thing to read some of what he was putting out there.

So, while I enjoy the talents and work of these various creative folks, I have to say that if I had to cope with all of those anxieties and illnesses just to be as creative as they are, I will take my boring, moderately successful but happy life any day of the week and twice on Sundays.


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