Situation normal: back to routine

Wow, what a crazy week! Sickness plaguing most of the family, more snow than I can remember in years, plus multiple kid events. Everything was off kilter. And my mental state matched that. But as of this morning it appears that things are returning to ‘normal’. That is if you can call yet another weather related 2 hour delay normal. All of this just in time for the final craziness of the winter.

The snow started last weekend, and it has not really stopped since then. Wednesday morning was clear for a time, but really it has been a unusually snowy week. Here in what is technically high desert we are used to stretches of cold, but not this amount of precipitation. March is definitely coming in like a lion this year! So there will be 1 day this week with no weather related delays for the kids. Which is definitely unusual. So that has made the morning more than a little crazy.

And like I predicted Wednesday night I got a couple of curve balls yesterday. First, I woke up around 4 with stomach pain, which I was eventually able to determine was a case of a my diverticulosis acting up, but wasn’t sure initially. Interestingly I had not had an attack like that in such a long time I wasn’t sure what it was. And I am sure it was a couple of things. Eating habits (although I really haven’t been that bad), the bad cold resulting in 2 nights of Nyquil (which does have some digestive effects for me), and I am sure stress from Wednesday. It eventually worked itself out, although I am still not 100%. Second, Kim’s car wouldn’t start, one of the car doors was not quite closed Wednesday night, so she had to walk to work and I couldn’t really drive anywhere (even if I was up to it physically.) But unlike Wednesday, Jimmy was able to go to school, so only Danny was out, and I didn’t try to work, instead I just focused on relaxing my body. And I laid off Danny, which kept him more relaxed as well.

All of this just in time for Jimmy to wrestle in State (club.) Which will pretty much mean a full day up in Castle Rock. That will wipe out Saturday. But Sunday should be a day of recovery again, and hopefully life will slowly return to the routine next week.

I was pondering the stomach/intestine issue and think it could very well have been at least partially stress related this time around. I mean there is a genuine medical issue, but my diet hasn’t been all that terrible recently, at least as far as the fiber content stuff. And I haven’t had a blockage like this in almost 2 years. So I am sure it was just all the stress, combined with a lack of activity. Which gives me some clear direction: keep working on getting the running going (which has been okay given weather and health related issues.) And keep working on handling and minimizing stress issues.

Today was just one of those days, and tomorrow could be one too

Here I am laying in bed, waiting for the NyQuil to do it’s thing and all I can do is think about the day. It wasn’t overly busy, or exceptionally social. But here I am drained and dazed anyway. And I’ve got to get this off my chest now, just to get to sleep. 

It began as what seemed like the first ‘normal’ day of the week. I got up on time, showered, began getting the kids ready. Then Danny complained about not feeling good, and he seemed to have a slight fever. Well last night I made a point to bring my laptop home from work, just in case. So I figured, no biggie, I’ll just work from home and let Danny stay home. That way he could get what for him is a boring day: no Kindle or Internet. 

When I took Jimmy to school all he could do was complain. But I wanted him to get in, turn in assignments etc and if his teachers sent him home then it was on them. He almost made it 2 hours before I had to go get him. Which meant I was home but with 2 sick kids. And trying to work, but while it has advantages, working from home is not for me, just out of the comfort zone. 

Then I cut the day short to take Jimmy to the Doctor (still just a sinus infection, just really stubborn and we have more aggressive treatment now.) While I did that Kim and the kids were readying for the Cub Scout banquet, and left before I got done with doctor and store for medicine. 

So I got home and was going to settle in when I had to go drop a forgotten item for Kim. This was the first of 3 such errands: getting Danny, running extra plastic ware. I just never got much of a solid stretch of comfort time. 

What does all this mean? Total disruption: kids sick, working in a different environment, disruptive schedule. And for an obsessive person like me that is all just really hard to handle. I got through it all, no panic attacks or fits of anger. And tomorrow could be very similar due to weather (kids are already on 2 hour delay.) I will muddle through, try to cope, but don’t be surprised by another long winded post. Because I can feel the mental crap draining away as I write. 

The weather threw me a lemon, I turned it into lemonade

We had plans this weekend. I was going to go to my Denver game. Emily had a Girl Scout cookie booth. It promised to be a busy weekend. But then, in what is a change from the norm, the weather forecasts proved to be correct and accurate. As a result all plans went out the window. But I improvised, adapted, and overcame to have a good weekend after all.

My Denver game started looking dicey on Friday with the weather predictions (no pun intended.) But it was suggested that maybe I join via a Skype session if I couldn’t make the drive. So I got that ready, but wasn’t sure how well that would work. But on Saturday night the DM cancelled due to the weather and his own catching a cold. So no Sunday game for me. And I was a tad bummed because I really enjoy that game.

But then I was seized with inspiration: the boys all live pretty close, no reason we couldn’t gather instead. I already had the game ready and planned. So I had Jimmy check in and they were all in for it, even the player who is not always available. And when I picked them up it had already been announced that Monday school was closed anyway. So there wasn’t a lot of pressure to get them done as early.

We had fun playing, although the 4th player was a little hard to handle, and they were a tad more rambunctious than normal. But the game went well overall, they had fun. and were able to overcome all my monsters despite suffering severe casualties. So it was a worth while venture, and a good way to pass the time on a snowed in Sunday afternoon.

The weather obviously cancelled the Girl Scout cookie booth plans. But that was fine with Emily as she and Danny got plenty of time with their friends, exchanging sleepovers Friday (their house) and Saturday (our house.) So the kids all got plenty of friend time over the course of the weekend, enjoying the unplanned 3 day weekend.

Kim and I had some fun of our own, watched a few rented movies. Caught up on all recorded shows on TV. And I did get some exercise, running on Saturday and then shoveling snow on Sunday and Monday. And still managed the keep the house under control, mostly ate our meals in, and kept up with laundry and most picking up. In the end I turned the lemon of bad weather disrupting our plans into some pretty darn good lemonade.

More than just coping, having fun

This was a chaotic week. First it was a short week as we all had Monday off. Then I knew I was going to take Thursday off to help Mom with a Doctor appointment. Then Jimmy was hit with a terrible sinus infection that had me take the morning off on Tuesday and his being out of school for 3 days. But instead of just gripping my teeth and hanging on as everything got crazy I found some ways and places to have fun.

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A long, alternately busy, fun, relaxing, busy weekend

Had a 3 day weekend, which was nice. We sure did a lot in those 3 days, even if it didn’t feel like it. But we also had fun, enjoyed ourselves, even getting out of my comfort zone. And we started making plans for what is next, after the craziness of the next week and end of the wrestling season. And also got some needed things done as well.

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It’s getting close to ending, and on to a different routine

Jimmy has a tournament this weekend. It is a 3 day weekend for the whole family (so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.) I will be running the boys game while the little ones go to a sleepover (thanks Lisa.) And we can start figuring out a new routine.

Jimmy wrestles the last of the small tournaments this weekend, staying at his lighter weight. Then a week off from tournaments and the big State tournament in 2 weeks, and that will be the end of the Club Wrestling season. To be honest I think we are all looking forward to that. The chance to relax again on the weekends, or at least focus on something different.

Somehow we lucked into being able to have a Valentines Day evening to ourselves (not a common event.) Kim and I are not the most romantic couple you will ever see so this odd ‘holiday’ doesn’t usually mean much. But this year a friend offered to take the little ones for the night so they could be with her kids, again thanks for that Lisa! And Jimmy will have some buddies spend the night, and they are pretty good kids so Kim and I can safely leave for the evening to do what we want (not an overnight, but at least dinner and a movie.) That should be nice for once.

Plus we all worked things out for a 3 day weekend, even Kim got her schedule worked out that way. So we can also use the weekend to kind of recharge from the winter craziness. There are some house projects that need to get done, nothing major, just little stuff like replacing light bulbs etc. And probably some cleaning, laundry etc. the usual things that sometimes get away from us in the chaos of every day life.

I will be running the boys D&D game on Sunday. I am ready (just have to get my figures out.) I am looking forward to taking the game in a different direction with them. I have gone in more detail in my other blog, but this should be a challenge for all of us.

All in all it should be a good weekend, with some fun things planned. And a chance to recapture our breath and be ready for closing out the tournament season and moving on to different weekend activities.

Unwinding a Paradox

I have a work friend with a stutter, not terrible, but definitely noticeable. He had mentioned that when he was younger that he was in drama, had moved to LA to pursue an acting career. And once I asked him how he was able to perform with that stutter, and he said that it only affected him when he was speaking impromptu, like casual conversation, if he knew what he had to say, like a script, the stutter went away. Well that is how I view my introversion, if there is something that I am prepared for, it goes away.

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